At Christ the Worker we worship one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We do this mainly through three different services, each with their own distinct style.

Morning Worship

This service takes an informal approach. We use either a screen, or a service sheet. We often have guitar music, and songs are usually lively or reflective. Many (but not all) songs sung during Morning Worship are contemporary.

Holy Communion

This service takes a more formal approach. We use songbooks and service books, and the vicar will often be dressed in robes. The Holy Communion service is likely to include more traditional songs, but will often incorporate contemporary music also.

Informal Communion

This service is a more personal, reflective service with meditative prayer and worship.


At Christ the Worker, fellowship is an equally important part of our worship and community. We have refreshments (usually tea, coffee and biscuits/cakes) and time for fellowship after every service.

For information about when these services take place, please visit Services & Times.