Mission Action Plan

Over 2014 & 2015, the Clergy and PCC of the Langley Team Ministry, in full consultation with the congregations, have been engaged in developing a Mission Action Plan (MAP) for the Parish.  We have had an open meeting for the whole congregation, as well as several discussions in our PCC and DCCs, to discern how God is calling the Parish to join his mission for our church, our community and the wider world. Out of that process has emerged the MAP document, which can be viewed in full here.

This Mission Action Plan is organised according to Oxford Diocese’s Living Faith priorities: Sustaining the Sacred Centre; Shaping Confident Collaborative Leadership; Creating Vibrant Christian Communities; Making Disciples; and Making a Difference in the World.

The MAP lists our priorities, first for the Parish as a whole, and then for each District.  An important element is to recognise and affirm those areas where good work is already happening, and which we wish to CONTINUE to make a priority.  We have also identified some NEW areas to develop and these are marked in red when listing our priorities.

We recognise both that our new initiatives are likely to take a year or two to develop, and that our Plan may change during that time as we continue to pray and listen to where God is leading us.

View Mission Action Plan 2015
See MAP Review January 2017