Mission Action Plan

Over 2017 to 2018 we have been rethinking our MAP according to the Diocesan vision, ‘Called to be Christ-like – For the sake of the World’. Three core qualities lie at the heart of this vision: to be Contemplative, Compassionate and Courageous. These are qualities seen above all in the person and work of Jesus himself, and as his disciples we are invited to imitate them (for example, in the Beatitudes of Matthew 5:1-12).

These Three Cs should guide us both in deciding what we are to do as a Parish, and in directing how we are to do them.

At a quiet day in April 2018 we were led to develop three ways of expressing these  qualities:

   Contemplative:    ‘prayer focused both in and out’

   Compassionate:  ‘taking time to ask and listen’

   Courageous:     ‘recognise, face and overcome fears’

Our new MAP will not list every activity, but will focus on a few areas for attention and development over the coming two to three years.

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