Prayer Points and Updates for The Cleaver Family

News From the Cleavers in Moscow, Russia.  They are assisting with the work of the church.

Hi from Moscow! We did promise to send more pictures in our next news email, so here is a selection of pictures from recent weeks. The weather in July has been very rainy so we have made the most of each sporadic sunny moment.  Josh is really enjoying his role at the church, taking on more responsibilities as our chaplain, Malcolm, is away for some of the summer. Nina is enjoying (!) a very rowdy 3 month school holiday with the three children at home as well as refocusing on Christian counselling training in her free time.

Prayer Points:
  • Clarity for Josh as he pursues training for the church and ordination.
  • The children as they adjust to a new schedule:  Joni starting school on 27th August, Zebedee and Tallulah as they begin participating in a “home-school” nursery.
  • The joint “Home-School” venture with two other families.  The children will be attended by a mother-daughter team three days a week to provide mothers time to have time to pursue friendship, opportunities to attend to other responsibilities.
  • Language skills for Nina and the younger children.