Updates and Prayer Points for The Simcock Family

2015-11-01 SimcocksPrayer Points:

  • Thank You:  Andy and Val express thanks for the clothing collected for the boys when in England for visits.  The “western” clothing—especially football shirts—were a big hit.
  • Development of land and garden: Pray for resources to lengthen the wall on the west side of the property to help protect from flooding of rice fields.  Also, that the kitchen garden will flourish in the spring and summer season.
  • Computers for the boys’ education: Pray that more computers will be provided; whether from donations of money to purchase or computers directly supplied.  Give thanks for the two donors who have already contributed.
  • Give thanks for Amy and pray for replacement..  Amy worked part time and will be sadly missed.  Pray for her as she starts  a one-year teaching placement.  Also pray that another part-time helper will come to help with the boys. 
  • Jamroon as he adapts:  Jamroon graduated from high school and is now attending a technical training school.  Pray for him as he matures, studies and settles into life with family members.  Pray for his faith to remain strong and grow deeper.