Christian Aid logoChristian Aid Week  14th-20th May: For those who would like to do House-to-House collections, materials and sign-up sheet are available in St Mary’s from today.  Details from Juliet (01753 542068)
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John Reed’s Ride for Transition Home for Orphans:  22nd May to 28th  Begins on Monday. Please pray for John and Mark this week.   If anyone wishes to  sponsor him, they can do so at
25th May to 4th June—‘Thy Kingdom Come’ – A Global Call to Prayer – Archbishop Justin Welby says: ‘After Jesus ascended into heaven, the disciples went to Jerusalem and prayed for the coming of the Holy Spirit. The vision behind Thy Kingdom Come is to do just what these first Christians did – to pray, in faith, that the Holy Spirit would come and lead the way in witness and evangelism.’
In this Parish we have opportunities for prayer every day, starting with the Ascension Day Communion on Thursday 25th May at St Mary’s, and ending with Prayer Stations at St Francis on Saturday 3rd June, and our Joint Service for Pentecost on Sunday 4th June. Please see see below for full details, and please join with Christians around the world in praying for our community, our country and the nations.

An Invitation to Pray

From 25th May to 4th June 2017

Please join with Christians around the world in praying for the coming of God’s kingdom

Daily Monday 8.45 am St. Mary’s
Morning Tuesdays 8.45 am St. Francis
Prayer Wednesday 8.45 am Christ the Worker
Thursday 8.45 am St. Francis
Friday 8.45 am St. Mary’s
Saturday 8.45 am St. Francis
25th May Thursday 8.00 pm Communion at St. Mary’s
28th May Sunday 8.00 am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s
9.30 am Morning Worship at  Christ the Worker
11.00 am Holy Communion at St. Francis 
11.00 am Holy Communion at St. Mary’s
6.30 pm Evening Prayer at St. Mary’s
30th May Tuesday 7.30 pm Evening Prayer at Christ the Worker
31st May Wednesday 10.00 am Eucharist at St. Francis
3rd June Saturday 11.00 am Day of Parish Prayer
Prayer Stations at St. Francis
Prayer as part of 3.40 pm Prayer at Christ the Worker
Area Dean’s Pilgrimage 4.30 pm Prayer at St. Mary’s
5.20 pm Prayer at St. Francis
4th June Pentecost Sunday 7.30 am Prayer at St. Francis
8.00 am Holy communion at St. Mary’s
11.00 am Joint Service at St. Francis
Rev. Sue LeppRev. Sue Lepp’s Priesting Service, Saturday June 24th: From Sue: “If you would like to attend please let me know either by next Sunday, 4th June by phone or email and I will put you on the list.” Transportation is available. Contact: or 07930 520562
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