Revd Robin GraysonRev. Sue LeppClergy Days Off: There will be a change to the day that our clergy take as a day off each week. Robin’s will remain on Thursday, but Sue’s will be moving Next Friday  on 30th June. Please try to avoid calling us on those days – call the other one instead, if it is urgent!
Salvation Army logoVolunteers Required: The Salvation Army in Slough are in urgent need of regular volunteers.  If you have some time to assist in their charity shop, the Drop-In centre or the Soup kitchen, please contact Lin on 01753 525819 or



Lighthouse 01Volunteers Required:  Lighthouse Burnham, Essential training evenings for all volunteers are Thursday, 6th July and Friday 21st July, 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm at Burnham United Reform Church.  Programme runs 23rd July to 28th July, volunteers are needed to accommodate over 700 children who have registered for the programme. website:  For more information contact Wayne Dixon at 01753 201992
 Hammock 05
Holiday at Home: Those wishing to attend one or all of the days of Holiday at Home,  1st – 3rd August, at St Francis, please let Barbara & Bill Birmingham know so arrangements for transport and catering can be made. Phone:  01753 548646
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