Readings for: 19th May, 5th Sunday of Easter

Bible Readings —5th Sunday of Easter

19th May 2019—(p.908)

First Reading: Acts 11:1-18 Peter defends his preaching to Gentiles by telling of a vision, in which he was shown that no one should be counted as ‘unclean’ before God. This was confirmed by their receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, just as the Jewish believers had.

Second Reading: Revelation 21:1-6 John’s vision begins to draw to a close, with the coming of a new heaven and earth, where God is pre-sent and all suffering has ceased.

Third Reading: John 13:31-35 At the Last Supper, Jesus foretells his departure, and tells his disciples to love one another. By this love, the world will see that they belong to him.

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26th May

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6th Sunday of Easter

  • Acts 16: 9-15
  • Revelation 21:10,22-25
  • John 14:23-29