Readings for: Sunday, 17th March 2019

Bible Readings (pg. 816)

2nd Sunday of Lent

 First Reading:  Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18  Abraham tells God he has no heir.  God promises Abraham he will have a son.  God makes a covenant with Abraham.

Second Reading: Philippians 3:17-4:1 Paul warns of false teachers, who are only concerned with their own gain. We should follow Paul in setting our sights on heaven and our hope in Christ.

Third Reading:  Luke 13:31-35  Jesus is warned that Herod is seeking to kill him.  Jesus says he must press on.  Jesus laments over Jerusalem, “how often I have longed to gather your children together…and you were not willing.”

Next Sunday’s Readings

 24th March 2019

3rd Sunday of Lent

  • Isaiah 55:1-9
  • 1 Corin. 10:1-13
  • Luke 13:1-9