Reflective Prayer Corner







Life Journey

Life journey winding,

Patterns undulating, overlapping, weaving community.

Touch as you pass, smile, hold the moment as God holds you in His heart.

By Mary Fleeson, ‘Life Journey’.

The Weaver –

I weave into my life this day

the presence of God upon my way.

I weave into my life this hour

the mighty God and all His power.

I weave into my sore distress

His peace and calm and no less.

I weave into my step so lame

healing and helping of His name.

I weave into the darkest night

strands of God shining bright.

I weave into each deed done

joy and hope of the Risen Son – Jesus Christ.

By David Adam – Tides and Seasons.

Celtic Knot

The tangled roots from which I spring

nourish my depths and

send out shoots for growth;

separate yet entwined

friends, relatives, strangers

and people I don’t like,

we grow together in intricate relationship.

Weaver God, pick up the threads

of my experience

craft the pattern and, in Your time,

reveal significance.

By Anne Lewin – waiting for the Kingfisher.