It’s as easy at St Francis of Assisi

If one day you came to research, What happens at St Francis Church,

You’d find each Sunday morn we meet, And if you came, we you would greet.

We meet most Sundays half past nine, To share Communion bread and wine,

But each 4th Sunday at eleven, We meet to praise the Lord in heaven.


Each week we wonder who’ll Join us upstairs at Sunday School.

On Wednesday’s we come here at ten To share the bread and wine again.

On Thursdays once a month we meet For tea and cakes, o what a treat.

We hear a speaker and a word About the Bible we’ll have heard.


Every Friday Mums and Tots, Of things to do there will be lots.

We have a time of play before Our story time then sing once more.


Each August Holiday at Home For older folks who cannot roam

Abroad on holiday away But each instead at home must stay.

There’s indoor games and jigsaws too, A trip outside we also do.

You could try painting or another craft And entertainment at which you’ll laugh.


From time to time in blocks of four, Our Bible studies teach us more

About salvation through the Lord; The word of God of the Spirit the sword.

We have a library from which to borrow; That so few do is a cause of sorrow.

Once a quarter we read a set book And at what it tells us we all look.


Each weekday morning we come to pray – For a different local road each day.

We pray for healing for those who are ill And comfort too for those grieving still.

One Saturday each year round about June, We offer some scones, jam, a jar and a spoon

To all passers-by through our grounds – it’s for free, So all can enjoy having a heaven cream tea.


We have a garden with a comfortable seat; We have a building where each week we meet.

When we don’t need to use it, the building’s for hire.At worship we ask God to set us on fire.


So if you come down along Upton Court, And pass by our building, please give a thought

To what goes on each week in our hall It may be that some time you’ll stop and you’ll call.


For you’ll always be welcome when we you will meet You’re welcome as well if you sit on the seat

You may stop and then ponder in our little garden And we trust from your sins you will find God’s pardon.

So we invite you, “Come in and meet.” We’d love the occasion when we you could greet.

We hope you’ll come here from whatever nation, So please come and join us in our congregation.