Kedermister Library

The Library was founded before 1631, by Sir John Kedermister, for the benefit of “Ministers of the said town of Langley and such other of the County of Buckingham as resort thereto”. It is described in Simon Jenkins’ book, England’s Thousand Best Churches, as ‘The Jewel of Slough’.

For more information about the Library, please take the Tour of St. Mary’s.

Click here for 3D views of the Library and the Kedermister Pew.

Visiting the Church & Kedermister Library

The Library was reopened in 2012 after extensive restoration work. View the stages of the restoration by following this link.

The Kedermister Pew has recently been restored and is now open to the public again.

The Kedermister Library will be open to visitors on the first Sunday of the Summer months (May to September) from 2.30pm to 5.00pm.

The open days are now over for 2018, and will restart in May 2019.

Visits can be arranged at other times by emailing our Honorary Librarian. Please be aware that visits need to be booked ahead, and that normally only two visits per month are possible.

For such visits we suggest a minimum donation of £5 per head, to cover the costs of the Library.