Garden of Remembrance and Book of Remembrance

A Garden of Remembrance has been established near St. Mary’s Church, where ashes may be placed under the turf. A Book of Remembrance is kept in the church, in which details of those buried can be recorded. A record of the position of each burial will also be kept with the Burial Register in church.

These facilities are normally restricted to those resident in the Parish of Langley at the time of their death, or enrolled on the Church Electoral Roll, or having some strong connection with the church.

Please Note:

  • No memorial stones or other markers can be placed on the ground.
  • Cremated remains must be buried loose and not in any form of casket. Funeral Directors should be informed of this so that they can make arrangements to collect the ashes from the Crematorium in a temporary container.
  • Inscriptions recording the name, dates and brief other details of persons whose cremated remains are buried in the Garden of Remembrance may be inscribed in the Book of Remembrance which is kept in a cabinet in St. Mary’s Church. It may take a few weeks before these can be carried out.
  • No flowers or other tokens can be left on the site of the burial, apart from one small bouquet, which may remain for no more than 7 days after the burial.


For the preparation of the ground and service of interment (2021):       £191

Inscriptions in the Book of Remembrance — prices to be advised, approximately £25 to £30

All fees are payable to Langley Marish PCC

For further information please use the Contact Us page.

For inquiries about the Book of Remembrance contact:
Rev. Shola Aoko on 01753 547025   or via e-mail