Prayers for week: Sunday, 30th April 2017

Prayer 10
Prayer for the day:  Almighty Father who in your great mercy gladdened the disciples with the sight of the risen Lord:  give us such knowledge of his presence with us, that we may be strengthened and sustained by his risen life and serve you continually in righteousness and truth; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen.
Post Communion Prayer:  Living God, your Son made himself known to his disciples in the breaking of bread; open the eyes of our faith, that we may see him in all his redeeming work; who is alive and reigns, now and for ever. Amen


For Missions and the World: Pray for the work of YWAM Transition Home for Orphans in Ukraine.  From the Cleavers:  “We are now happy to be back in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, re-united with Sveta, Vika and Miraslava. We can’t wait to all be under the same ‘Transition Home’ roof again, so please pray as we continue to fundraise and work on the house.  Our other prayer requests are in the area of language learning, good health, having good friends (especially for Joni as she settles back into Ukrainian school) and Nina’s mum.
In the Parish: We pray for the work of National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and other organisations that work to prevent child abuse.  Pray for teachers, doctors and care givers who deal with children suffering from abuse.  Pray children will find the help they need.  Give thanks for concerned and experienced foster parents who provide safety and care while parent/carers receive counselling and support so families can be reunited.
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