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The Church of England, Langley Free Church, and Holy Family Church work together to support and produce Around Langley.  The purpose of the magazine is to make residents of Langley aware of what Christians believe and practice.  Our aim is to create a consistent and informative resource that can be used to build community spirit and strengthen relationships.

Around Langley includes:

  • Occasional articles on people and places of interest in Langley,
  • Langley Community Coffee Shop—providing information about guest speakers
  • Langley Neighbourhood Forum—regular meeting times for people interested in knowing about changes/developments in the community
  • Updates on public transportation, planning, and development around Langley
  • Community Activities–Rotary, Scouts, Cadets, Guides, charities, etc…
  • Seasonal Services for the churches
  • Weekly church service meeting times for the Langley Free Church, Holy Family Catholic Church, and Church of England (St. Mary’s, St. Francis, and Christ the Worker).

If you would like to submit a short article (up to 500 words), send it to Editor, Anna Thomas-Betts at

Do you wish to advertise in Around Langley?

Advertising provides a two-fold objective:  1) to broaden the awareness of local professional services/business, and 2) to offset the cost of producing Around Langley.  We appreciate the significant role advertisers play in providing content and resources for the production of the magazine.  If you’d like to become one of our advertisers, please contact:

Richard Shircore on 07943 404388


Anna Thomas-Betts at or phone 01753 822013.

Rates are per issue as are in the following table, with a discount for insertion in all 10 editions per year.  Cheques should be made payable to the “Langley Parish Magazine Account”.

Full Page £100  Half Page £50  Quarter Page £25    with discounts for multiple inserts

Small Ads £10

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